David Hopkinson
tikar, Best In Show

Marion Hopkinson
valpar, hanar
 A great pleasure for us to come and judge for you all, I started my Labrador life with a very good working dog Jacrofts Major who actually was half show / half field trial breeding, although the differentials in those days between the two types was not nearly so much as it is today. I then bought a lovely bitch puppy from a Mrs Marion Leigh whose Kennel name was Rocheby, well the bitch was a wonderful worker and I have to say I maintain I am still paying for her, as of course we were later married. Our dogs have been a life long education, always striving for the next ‘good one’ we have tried to combine the good type and conformation without loosing the ability to hunt on and retrieve sensibly, breeding any livestock is not for the feint hearted but when you have the pleasure of seeing what nature has given you to care for and enjoy, you will not give up easily. We have had numerous Champions in the ring and some superb workers in the field and enjoyed each and everyone, but the best dog of all is the one who is your pal. I started my serious doggy life with a lovely German shepherd who I trained for obedience and working trials with some success, when my Daughters came along and our beloved shepherd was old we decided like so many, that the family dog should be a Labrador. We were fortunate to have a very good Breeder in our Area and off we went to see Mr Wrigley of the Famous Kinley Kennel. Of course the next thing was in 1964 a lovely pale yellow puppy bitch came to join us, two years later we had another one from the Kinley Kennel and as these very comfortably proportioned girls just didn’t do precise obedience, we decided to try our luck in the show ring. The results were rather mixed, mostly due to my poor handling but as we managed to get into ‘the cards’ we were hooked. These girls bred on and we look back at all these wonderful years and the lovely dogs we have had. We have had terrific good fortune, not least from the friends we made who gave their support and encouragement. Our first Champion was Rocheby Acorn – I think the most complete Labrador anyone could ever have, Beautifully balanced, sweet and kind with everything, superb worker with David in the shooting field and a terrific show girl, she is the one we both refer to as our ideal all rounder. The one thing she did that has affected many of us was that she bred such wonderful children, She and Pretentious were a real team, producing champions in the uk and world wide that have been very influential in their own right, and their Grandson Old Smokey carries on. In more recent times we had had these lovely males to carry the kennel forward, Silver Suede being the top winning Labrador in the UK for 3 years, The brothers Show Champion’s Statesman and State Occasion have had to have a back seat to him but both boys are great sires in their own right, so we are very fortunate again.
I have been so very lucky to have David at my side, totally dedicated to the kennel and although we have our differing views of what makes up our idea of the Labrador, (and we can certainly disagree which puppy to keep, so then keep 2 or 3)!!We manage to pool our thoughts and compromise.
I am absolutely delighted to be able to come and judge for you and look forward to meeting you all and your lovely Labradors.





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